FM Transmitters

FM Transmitter Broadcasting services

Rotel Soft as a FM Broadcasting System Integrator can offer a complete solution of an intelligent FM Transmitter Network easy to manage and operate.

Our FM Transmitter Broadcasting services includes:

  • Planning and Design the FM Transmitter Network;
  • Design the IP Network Solution to interconnect many FM Transmitter sites;
  • Design a satellite solution for backup the audio streaming;
  • RF Planning, radio coverage and feasibility study;
  • Electric radio project for each Transmitters in order to meet the Legislation for FM transmitter Output Power
  • Broadcasting Consultancy;
  • Delivery of all Antennas, RF Splitters, Frequency Filters and Combinners , feeder cables and RF Connectors;
  • Delivery of FM transmitters, RDS , audio processors and audio streamers equipments;
  • On-site installation and configuration FM Transmitters equipments;
  • Optimize the processing and the QoS of On-air Sound;
  • Streaming for on-line radios and QoS for the IP audio streaming;
  • Operation and Maintenance of FM Broadcasting Transmitter Networks
  • Training for RF technical engineers ;
  • Relocation of FM Transmitters;

Our RF engineers had experience installing FM Broadcasting Transmitters with output power from 50W to 10KW. Our FM transmitters solutions includes standalone and modular transmitter. We propose a full redundancy solution with redundant controllers and FM Amplifiers blocks. In case one of the block is damaged the Transmitter continue to broadcast on air the FM radio without any in service interruption.

We also can provide a redundant solution of the audio streaming in order to ensure that audio streams are delivered to the FM Transmitter without any broadcast service interruption. For this solution the main audio broadcasting streams are sent from the Head-End using an IP Data Network and the backup stream is sent and received via a satellite.

When Main audio streams goes down FM Transmitters audio signal is switched to backup satellite streams, when the main stream is recovered it will be switched over as Main automatically.