FM Studio Broadcasting

Studio Broadcasting - Move your Radio Broadcasting Studio over IP.

Rotel Soft is a FM Broadcasting System Integrator able to offer you a complete solution for Radio Broadcasting Studios.

Our Studio Broadcasting services includes :

  • Planning and Design Studio solutions for FM Radio Stations;
  • Broadcasting Consultancy;
  • Delivery of all studio equipments;
  • On-site installation and configuration;
  • Optimize the processing of the audio sound;
  • Streaming for on-line radios and QoS for the IP audio streaming;
  • Operation and Maintenance of Broadcasting studios;
  • Training for technical engineers, DJs or Host Operators.

We have a successful experience installation and optimizing an AoIP ( Audio over IP) Broadcasting Studio Solution in Romania for 3 FM Broadcasting stations: Europa FM , Radio 21 and Vibe FM. We implement a full redundancy solution with Active/Standby On-Air Studios, in case the one On-Air studio fails you can switch to another studio automatically or manually without affecting the On-Air Live Broadcasting Program transmission.

One Radio Station many Broadcasting Audio Streams

Our solution can create different streams for the same radio station by manipulate the On-air audio Main Stream and insert different commercials, news, different talk-shows, jingles and so on in the stream.

Using this solution you can create different streams for different cities or different geographical areas or web environments. These streams can be sent and broadcasted on air by FM Transmitters in different locations. This is a cost-effective solution, easy to manage which eliminate the needs for the FM Broadcasting Stations to create local studios for local broadcasting programs. They can have only one studio at the Head-End and many streams that can be broadcast in the air by local transmitters. All audio streams are created and processed at the Head-End.

Our Broadcasting Solutions includes Audio IP Studio equipments from top vendors like :